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About Databasix

We create cloud based record management solutions (RMS) for FIRE/EMS agencies.

Our online systems are customized and specifically tailored for each department. Our goal is to streamline data and records into one centralized system, accessable by any device with an internet connection. The types of information captured are literally endless!

Because our systems are accessable by devices, communication and collaboration can be much more efficient. Data can be collected from the field, or personnel can request leave from home, or sign up for overtime from their smart phone, or view upcoming events on the department calendar. There are many more perks...

Databasix is owned by Jonathan Cornwell, a Marine Corps veteran, and a Lieutenant in the Fire Service.

Some of Our Features

Customer Support

24/7 Customer support

Personnel Roster

One roster to maintain, search, filter, query

Training Records

Track training records, reports by employee, company, EMS barcodes generated


Cert tracking and notification of upcoming expirations.


Leave records, leave requests, and leave availability.

Phone Book

Find any office or department cell phone number, even when on the go!


Overtime records, sign up for overtime availability

Daily Station Reports

Maintain daily logs and accurate station or department information


One centralized calendar with multiple views and reminders

Email/SMS Notifications

Automatic emails and notifications

Dynamic and Robust Reports

Every column in every table is filterable to create custom reports.

Document Storage

One place to search for memos, letters, and documents

Structure and Gate Codes

Quickly find structure gate, door, or access codes


Inventory of any items and barcode capability


Supply orders

Shift Trades

Members can request shift trades from qualified peers

Mass Messaging (SMS/EMAIL)

Send important messages to one or all, via text and email.

Expiration Warnings

Notifications of upcoming cert or product expirations

And much more!